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6 oz Deep Tin w/Cover-Each 6 oz Deep Tin w/Cover-Each
Part No: TNDEEP6

6 oz Deep Tin with slip on cover-Each
Approx. 2 3/4" dia. X 1 3/4" tall, food grade

1-11 = $1.49 ea
12-35 = $1.42 ea
36-143 = $1.29 ea
144-287 = $1.09 ea
288-383 or more = $.99 ea

To order a Case of 384 at $334.00 ($.87ea) go to 6 oz Deep Tin with slip on cover-Case of 384 page.

As always, our measurements are approximate, not exact. We purchase from several different vendors to keep your prices down. Photos may not be exact representations (example; some may show a raised lid and you may receive a flat lid or the other way around). If it's critical, please Contact Us to verify prior to ordering. Visit our Policies page for information regarding sampling, returns and exchanges

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