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All Vegetable MODIFIER by the Pound
The all vegetable Modifier is, in part, what makes our Millennium Container Wax different from our 100% Soy Container Wax. It makes 100% Soy a little harder, helps lessen frosting and give smoother tops.
Instructions: add to container wax beads at 3-5% (by weight) before heating. Heat wax and modifier to 150 F - 160 F, remove from heat source and add color (if desired). Let cool to 125-130 F and add fragrance, gently stir thoroughly and intermittently while cooling (without adding air bubbles) and pour at 105-115 degrees, depending on your wax instructions. Percentages will vary depending on fragrance oil and color combinations

1-4 lbs = $4.00 lb
5+ lbs = $3.50 lb

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