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HEX Jar with Lid - Samples - EACH HEX Jar with Lid - Samples - EACH

HEX 6 Sided Jars with Lid - EACH
Offered by the EACH so you can sample these jars.
Comes with gold twist lid w/plastisol bead, no button.
These are always cheaper by the dozen or more in CASE quantities.

6.4 fl oz. (190 ml) Hex Jar w/58 twist Lid = $3.50

NOTE- SAVE MONEY!!! ORDER BY THE CASE - The 6.4 oz/190ml Hex Jar is the only hex we carry and are available in cases of 12. Click the jar link above to go to the individual jars page where you can order by the case and save money. Candle Soylutions has a very modest $5 minimum. Please see our Shipping Policy Page for more info.

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