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Millennium Blend Premium
Soy Container Wax
45 lb CASE

A blend of soy and botanical oils, no paraffin or petroleum, for container candles. Comes in tiny Pastille beads. Blended to lessen the frosting of colored candles. Excellent color retention, hot and cold throw, pours with smoother tops and is long/clean burning.  No additives required.

Our Millennium Soy Wax is made using the same formula and ingredients as the wax formerly known as (EL) or Enchanted Lites Millennium wax. The wax is formulated and performs exactly the same in candles and tarts as it did before!

Same Formula!
Same Performance!
Same Results in Candles & Tarts!
Comes in small Pastille Drops/Beads

SCENTED SOY DROP MAKERS - Select the 100% Soy for a 5% scent load or the Millennium Soy Container Wax for a 4% scent load. Both now come in the tiny pastilles you need! Pastille size, shape, hardness and absorption rates can vary from batch to batch.

For the Best Results- you should melt to 160 F. Add dye. Let cool slowly to 130. Fold in fragrance (stirring too briskly adds oxygen, which is a no-no). stir gently, and occasionally, until you begin to see a skin forming around the surface. Pour slowly into jars. Your temp should be no more than 115 degrees when you pour. Also, the cooler you pour the smoother the tops and the best adhesion to jars. Test to see what temp. works best for you.  For more details see our Instructions page.
Container Blend Soy Wax
Melt point = 125 degrees F
Flashpoint = 500 degrees F
Skin Safe & Kosher

45 lb Cases
1-9 = $81.00 ea
10-19 = $78.00 ea
20-39 = $75.50 ea
40+ = $74.00 ea

All Wax Cases Are Now 45 lb to Stay Below UPS 50 lb Surcharge!
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Prices have been adjusted so even pickup orders are 45 lb bags.

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