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Cinnabun (EL) Fragrance Oil Cinnabun (EL) Fragrance Oil

Cinnabun (EL) Fragrance Oil
Be careful with this one girls, you may end up having to bake! People will think that you have warm yeast cinnamon buns baking in the oven! Predominant cinnamon and yeast bread notes are enhanced with vanilla, clove and other warm comforting herbs. EXCELLENT!   Always a top seller.
Synthetic carrier
(Skin Safe to 6% in creams,lotions,soaps & gels)

1 oz = $3.25           1 lb = $24.00
2 oz = 6.00             4 lb = 94.00
1/4 lb = 11.50         7 lb = 156.00
1/2 lb = 16.50         25 lb = 531.00

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