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Blueberry Basil Fragrance Oil-CLOSEOUT Blueberry Basil Fragrance Oil-CLOSEOUT

Blueberry Basil Fragrance Oil
An amazing and fragrant botanical blend of fresh Basil herb with the delicious aroma of sweet, ripe Blueberries. A combination that is surprisingly hard to stay away from.
Synthetic Carrier
(Skin Safe to 2% in creams & lotions, to 5% in soaps & gels)

1 lb was $25.00

Now $7/lb!
No Samples Available
Multiple pounds may be bulk packaged

Buy it while you can!
This Closeout fragrance is limited to about
4 lb at Last Update!
If we have less than you order we will send you what we have left and pro-rate the amount. Clearance Items are not returnable. Please visit our POLICIES page for more info.

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