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Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 (1 oz ea) Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 (1 oz ea)
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Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 (1 oz ea)

Browse our Candle Fragrance Oils (our search function works very well) and make your list, then come back and enter the names of any 10 different fragrance oil scents we carry, and a few alternates, separated by a comma like this; Cucumber Melon, Mint (EL), Caramel, Vanilla(EL), Chocolate Fudge Cake, etc.   Please be sure to include if it's an "(EL)" Fragrance. If you don't separate your choice with a comma we won't know if you want Caramel, Vanilla, or Caramel Vanilla and if you don't put the EL behind an (EL) described fragrance you won't get the EL version and you'll have to live with our guess!

You CANNOT duplicate any of your sample selections.   If you duplicate a choice, we will substitute it with another fragrance.   Please enter 10 different fragrance names to complete your sample pack.   Please DO list a few alternates after your initial 10.   If less than 10 scents are listed, or if we are out of any of your first 10 sample choices, and no alternates are listed, we will assume you want us to select our choices or alternates for you and you will have to live with our selection.   We will not ship samples separately if you do not receive your first choice in your order.

Verify that ALL your choices and alternates appear in the shopping cart before sending your order or we'll assume you want us to select the remainder of your sample pack or alternates for you!

If you need more than one ounce for testing, we suggest you select individual fragrance oils in larger sizes. Candle Soylutions cannot guarantee the availability of any products you sample. Please Send us an email with any questions prior to ordering.

All Our Fragrance Oils, both Synthetic and Soy Based,
are Formulated and Tested for Use in Soy Wax and
also Work Well in Many Other Waxes

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