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Choose from 1/2 Pint and Pint Mason jars, Hex jars, Mayo jars (also called straight or smooth sided Mason Jars), Jelly and more..
All our candle and canning jars are tempered and safe for both candle use and hot water bath type food canning. None of our glass manufacturers recommend pressure cooking in any of the glass we sell. Also, tempered candle and canning jars will still leave sharp shards when broken, which is different than the window and auto tempered glass which is designed to shatter in a zillion little squares for safety.

  Mason Jars, Mayo Jars, Jelly Jars, 1.25oz Mini Jam Jars

  We carry many colors and types of Standard Sized Mason Jar Lids and Wide Mouth Lids

  Six Sided HEX JARS!

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