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No additives are necessary when using Candle Soylutions soy wax, but we do offer them to those that want to "tweak" their formula….we've always loved the wax without having to add anything, but we don't make candles for a living, and understand that sometimes the environment and lights may demand a little more than straight soy wax for your candle making.

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NEW!!!! All Vegetable MODIFIER Flakes by the Pound
The all vegetable soy wax Modifier is, in part, what makes our Millennium Container Wax different from our 100% Soy Container Wax. It makes 100% Soy a little harder, helps lessen frosting and give smoother tops.
Instructions: add to container wax beads at 3-5% (by weight) before heating. Heat wax and modifier to 150 F - 160 F, remove from heat source and add color (if desired). Let cool to 125-130 F and add fragrance, gently stir thoroughly and intermittently while cooling (without adding air bubbles) and pour at 105-115 degrees, depending on your wax instructions. Percentages will vary depending on fragrance oil and color combinations

This is a new manufacturer.  We recommend, as with any changes, that you re-test before making a large batch!

1-4 lbs = $4.50 lb
5+ lbs = $4.00 lb


UV Inhibitor

UV Inhibitor/Color Stabilizer
Add Candle Soylutions UV Inhibitor to your candle making tool box. It helps stabilize colors and slows frosting due to light. A little goes a long way!
Depending on the manufacturer it ranges from a very fine powder to a flake, and should be weighed with a gram scale for accuracy.
Use at .2%. A pound of wax weighs 454 grams so it's 454 grams x .002 = .908 grams per pound of wax. A 4 lb batch of wax would be 4 x .908g = 3.63g of UV Inhibitor. Contains both A & B UV inhibitors.

1/4 lb = $17.50
1/2 lb = $31.00
1 lb = $58.00

Wax Weight Add in Grams
1 lb .908g
4 lbs 3.63g
5 lbs 4.54g
10 lbs 9.08g
20 lbs 18.16g
30 lbs 27.24g
40 lbs 36.32g
50 lbs 45.4g
100 lbs 90.8g

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