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With the cost of soy wax, glass, and of course shipping, increasing almost every year, you may be asking yourself if this is really worth it. Or worse, you may be telling yourself “people won’t pay that for my candles”.

We have several new customers, new to candle making, whose businesses flourish in spite of the "economy". Whether it's cooling and there doesn’t seem to be much “Good News” on the news lately or whether it's a booming economy. Why? What are they doing right?

One could jump to the obvious conclusion that they don’t know what they’re true costs are and are simply charging less for their candles “so of course they sell more”. Hmm. That doesn't usually work out in the long run.

Maybe it’s their unrelenting enthusiasm for their new found craft, where they can make something completely special, unique, with so many scents to choose from, and even healthier than what the average person will buy off the big store shelf. They’re so excited they can’t wait to share it with all their friends, family and even the person behind them at the grocery store line. “Here’s my card”. Remember those days?

If you’ve lost that pizzazz, how can you expect your customer to be excited about what you do? Here are a few suggestions;

Make something new! A new scent, a new and different container, a new look to the same container with a different ribbon or some raffia. How long have you been locked into the same old, same old “best sellers”. People change over time, and so do their tastes. The container you determined wasn’t selling well enough 5 years ago, may do very well now.

How many times have you poured a scent you really didn’t care for but your customers just couldn’t get enough of? Don’t let your nose be the only judge, jury and executioner! Carry some samples every where you go “I’m going to make a new batch of candles…which scent do you prefer?...Here’s my card”

Are you offering products that compliment the seasons? Spring and summer are all about bright colors, fragrant floras and fresh clean scents. Try dressing up your votive candles with flower pot votive holders.

Are you supplying candles to retail stores? Look for other opportunities. A little country store out by the lake may not even be aware that a little gift section or even a small shelf behind the cashiers desk (that you keep stocked) might be a more profitable for them than the meal you just ate! Are the retailers that already sell your candles lacking a quality ceramic electric candle warmer or simmer pot? You could be their supplier simply by buying in volume and reselling with a markup.

Retailers should always be looking for something new to offer their customers to keep them coming back. But some retail buyers may be stuck in the same rut “we had something sorta like that in here a few years ago and it didn’t sell that well”. But maybe it will now! If they’re not excited about your new candle offer to floor several for free. When they sell, you’ve got orders for more. If they don’t, you’ve got Christmas gifts already made! Take a little risk. Try something else. Keep trying. Maybe your best seller has yet to be found.

These are just a few suggestions. I hope they inspire more ideas you can take with you as you set out to grow your business, regardless of your craft. And remember to take the most important thing with you; the same enthusiasm you had when you first started your business, because, if you don’t bring that in, someone else just might.

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