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Sturdy yet very attractive Hex Jars for candle containers, Smelly Jellies, Bath Salts, Jam, Jelly, Honey, and many other uses!

Item Description Detail
190ml HEX Jar w/58 tw lid CASE

6.4 fl oz. (190 ml) Hex Jar w/58 tw lid -CASE
Holds about 6 fluid oz. to the bottom of the neck, about 7 fl. oz. to the brim, about 5 oz Soy Wax or 8 oz. of honey by weight.  The manufacturer has changed the mold and this is a little lighter weight than the original 190ml Hex jar.
3 1/2" tall, 2 3/8" @sides, 2 5/8" @points
12 per case with lids

1-11 = $11.75/case
12-23 = $10.75/case
24+ = $10.50/case

Optimum Shipping- Order in 12 case increments, which is the max we can ship under 70 lb.

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