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Delicious Candle Scents
Candle Soylutions delicious fragrance oils, formulated for soy candle making, also work in other waxes, as well as oil burner/warmers, air freshener products and incense making.  Find skin safe fragrance oils in the drop-down category on the left, under Candle Fragrance Oils, to create unique personal care products. None of our fragrances are tested on animals!
We recommend you start with just 1 oz fragrance oil (by weight) to 1 lb wax.  There is more information on How to Calculate Percentages in the Helpful Info category at the top of any page.

All Our Fragrance Oils, both Synthetic and Soy Based,
are Formulated and Tested for Use in Soy Wax and
also Work Well in Many Other Waxes

Fragrance Oils Are Not Returnable.
Before You Order Fragrance Oils Please Visit the Following Pages

Fragrance Oils - MORE INFO

Newest Fragrances  

Black Amber Lavender
I Love this Zucchini Bread!
Eucalyptus Mint & Rain BBW type
Fruit Loops type
Strawberry Buttercream Cupcake
Mint Mojito
Oud & Bergamot by Jo Malone type
Orange Blossom like Candle Science type
Home for Christmas
Caribbean Teakwood
Champagne Pop type
Mahogany & Teakwood like BBW type 
Mineral Spa type 
Coffee Ice Cream like Coldstone

And many recent additions

More New Fragrances Coming Soon!

Item Description Detail
Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 Different scents (1 oz ea)

Just $25

Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 Different Scents (1 oz ea)

Browse our Candle Fragrance Oils listed on our site (our search function works very well) and make your list.
Come back and enter the names of any 10 DIFFERENT fragrance oil scents we carry.
Separate your choices by a comma like this; Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge Cake, etc.
If you don't separate your choice with a comma we won't know if you want Caramel, Vanilla, or Caramel Vanilla.
Do enter several alternates, in addition to your first 10 choices!!!

If less than 10 DIFFERENT scents are listed, or if we are out of any of your first 10 sample choices, and no alternates are listed, your order will be delayed while we reach out to you via email and wait for your response.

Closeout Fragrances that are listed as "No Samples Available" will not be included.
Don't use any special characters, like in the words "Creme Brulee" sometimes creates. The cart will wig out!

If you need more than one ounce for testing, we suggest you select individual fragrance oils in larger sizes. Candle Soylutions cannot guarantee the availability of any products you sample. Please Send us an email with any questions prior to ordering.

All Our Fragrance Oils, both Synthetic and Soy Based,
are Formulated and Tested for Use in Soy Wax and
also Work Well in Many Other Waxes

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