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UV Inhibitor UV Inhibitor

UV Inhibitor/Color Stabilizer
Add Candle Soylutions UV Inhibitor to your candle making tool box. It helps stabilize colors and slows frosting due to light. A little goes a long way!
Depending on the manufacturer it ranges from a very fine powder to a flake, and should be weighed with a gram scale for accuracy.
Use at .2%. A pound of wax weighs 454 grams so it's 454 grams x .002 = .908 grams per pound of wax. A 4 lb batch of wax would be 4 x .908g = 3.63g of UV Inhibitor. Contains both A & B UV inhibitors.

1/4 lb = $17.50
1/2 lb = $31.00
1 lb = $58.00

Wax Weight Add in Grams
1 lb .908g
4 lbs 3.63g
5 lbs 4.54g
10 lbs 9.08g
20 lbs 18.16g
30 lbs 27.24g
40 lbs 36.32g
50 lbs 45.4g
100 lbs 90.8g

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