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Escali Offers Precision Weighing Solutions
Sold worldwide, Escali scales offer user-friendly design with unsurpassed accuracy with innovative weighing techniques, special features and value.   All models are multifunctional and provide information in your choice of standard or metric formats.

Escali scales are tested and reviewed using rigid military standards, and the company takes pride in its low return rate.   All models include an easy to use operation manual and are backed by Escali's 5-year warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.   For more information or warranty service contact Escali directly at or call 1-800-467-6408

Keep your scale clean.   Fragrance oils can damage plastics!
These scales are not water or oil proof.   Fragrance oil left on plastic parts can fog and melt the plastics.   Our Aqua model looks horrible after almost 2 years of constant use, but just keeps on weigh'n on!

Item Description Detail
Escali AQUA Digital Scale - SILVER

Escali Aqua 11 lb / 5 kg Digital Scale - SILVER
Most candle making is measured by weight, not liquid volume, so we've never utilized the liquid measuring abilities, but the Aqua is what we use every day for fragrance oils and many other items.   We love it!   The 9v battery lasts us months, or you can buy the optional electric adaptor which overides the auto shut-off function too.

Capacity: 11 lb or 5000g
kitchen timer built in
Removable stainless steel platform
Measures in Ounces, Pounds+Ounces, Grams and even Fluid Ounces and Milliliters with an adjustment feature for weighing liquid with different densities
Displays Ounces in fractions (up to 1/16 oz) or decimals (0.1 oz)
Increments: 0.05 oz or 1 gram
Dimensions: 9.25"x7.5"x1 5/8"
Tare feature subtracts the container's weight to obtain the weight of its contents
Automatic shut-off saves the battery
9 volt battery included

Aqua & 9 volt Adaptor $64.00
Aqua Scale Only, $55.00

Escali PRIMO Digital Scale - CHROME

Escali Primo 11 lb / 5 kg Digital Scale - CHROME
The Primo is economically priced and very easy to use with its two-button operation

Capacity: 11 lb or 5000g
Measures in Ounces, Pounds+Ounces or Grams
Increments: 1/10th ounce (0.1 oz.) or 1 gram
Dimensions: 8"x6"x1.25"
Tare feature subtracts the container's weight to obtain the weight of its contents
Automatic shut-off saves batteries
Two AA batteries are included

9 volt Adaptor for Aqua Scale

Escali 9 volt Adaptor for Aqua Scale
If you didn't buy, or need a replacement adaptor for your Escali Aqua Scale this is where you order it (also works with Alimento & Pana scales).   Plug your Aqua scale into the wall outlet with this tiny 6' cord and save your batteries.   Overides the auto shut off feature so your scale stays on.   This is also a purchase option with a new Aqua scale.

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