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Clear Clamshell Tart Mold-CASE of 875 Clear Clamshell Tart Mold-CASE of 875

6 Cavity Clamshell Tart Mold/Container
CASE of 875
Make 6  1"x1"x1" snap apart tarts in one sellable hinged lid container.  Holds about 3 oz wax (by weight) to the brim.  Includes a hang tag hole for easy display.  (Wax not included, just the molds).

You Love Our Easy to Separate Molds
Made in the USA!
Directions: Melt Soy TART Wax to 160 degrees, add fragrance oil at 1oz to 1.5oz per pound of wax, add dye if desired.  See How to Make Votive Candles for more information.  Pour your scented and dyed mixture directly into the main cavity at 130-150 degrees.  We've got feedback that 75% Millennium Wax/25% Votive Wax poured at 130-140 degrees also works very well. When cool and hard close the hinged lid and apply your label for a nicely packaged, ready to sell product.  Your customer snaps a tart piece off like a hard chocolate bar to use in their warmer.

NOTES- These molds were designed primarily to hold dry goods such as beads or small auto electric parts and were never guaranteed to hold liquids at all. Therefore, some leaking molds are to be expected. We've done the math, and this is a small price to pay for such an affordable product! Pouring too hot can distort the shape and cause more leakers. You can help minimized the situation by pouring cooler. You can also pour on a layer of parchment paper or in a baking pan. It might be a good idea to have a bowl handy so you can empty a leaky mold into the bowl to salvage the product. Pouring too cool may prevent the slight shrinkage you want and make it hard to remove from the mold later. The key is to find the right temperature that works best with your wax/fragrance mixture and be alert to the possibility of a leak.

Overall 4.1" x 2.75" x 1"
See Clamshell Diagram for size detail.

A CASE is 875 Clamshell Tart Molds/Containers
1-17 CASES = $199/case
18-29 CASES = $189/case
30 CASES = $179/case

A Full Pallet is 30 Cases, when available, at $179/case ($5,370 + truck freight). Our shopping cart can only figure shipping UPS ground on each box so we will figure out the freight for you manually after we get more info from you. Send us an email

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