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100% SOY CONTAINER Wax - 45 lb CASE 100% SOY CONTAINER Wax - 45 lb CASE

100% Midwest Soy Container Wax
From America's Heartland
45 lb Case

Nothing added, just 100% Soy Wax from America's Heartland, comes in tiny Pastille beads. Clean burning, good jar adhesion, good hot & cold throw.

Same Formula!
Same Performance!
Same Results in Candles & Tarts!
Comes in small Pastille Drops/Beads

SCENTED SOY DROP MAKERS - You'll want this 100% Soy for a 5% scent load. While some customers like the Millennium wax for scented soy beads, many more report faster dry times with the 100% Soy! Pastille size, shape, hardness and absorption rates can vary from batch to batch.

For the Best Candle Results- We found you should melt to 150 F. Add dye. Let cool slowly to 125. Fold in fragrance (stirring too briskly adds oxygen, which is a no-no). stir gently, and occasionally, until you begin to see a skin forming around the surface. Pour slowly into jars. Your temp should be no more than 105 degrees when you pour. Also, the cooler you pour the smoother the tops and the best adhesion to jars. Test to see what temp. works best for you.  For more details see our Instructions page. You can add Soy Modifier for a totally natural additive that will increase this wax's hardness a little, lessen frosting and give smoother tops, basically making it more like our Millennium Soy Wax.
Melt point = 127 degrees F
Flashpoint = 500 degrees F
Skin Safe & Kosher

45 lb Cases
1-9 = $143.00 ea
10-19 = $141.00 ea
20-39 = $140.00 ea
40+ = $139.00 ea

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