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PK-7 WICKS 2.5 Inch
Part No: WICKPK7-2.5N

PK-7 Natural Wick 2.5" Length
Test in 1 2 diameter candles and Votives.
A little hotter than HTP41 and P-22, and close to a GW-28. This is the wick that usually works great for unscented votive candles and may work well in your scented votives as well.
Natural Coated, Cotton braid with inner Paper core
2 1/2" length, 20mm base

Note: This is the same PK-7 wick 2.5" length, we've just changed the part number to distinguish it from the new 6" length.

25 pack = $3.50
100 pack = $7.50
1000 pack = $65.00
5000 pack = $275.00

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