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Antique Brown Mason Lids-CASE Antique Brown Mason Lids-CASE

Antique Brown Marbleized Mason Lids
70G450 screw-on (unlined) lid.   Fits our standard Mason, Mayo and Jelly jars with 2 3/4" dia. Threads (70G450 threads), and many other brands Standard Mason size jars. Does not fit Wide Mouth..  Click photo to see it on jars.  Color shade and patterns may vary from batch to batch. Our Pulp Liner for Daisy Cut Lids works with this lid. Made in USA.

Lid Care: hand wash with mild dish soap, dry immediately

CASE of Approximately 1,000 LIDS = $320/cs ($0.32 ea)
LID COUNT: Quantities listed as "1,000" are packaged by weight rather than counted. The lid count can vary by 5-10% and you may find a few bent by machinery. Requests for more lids when purchased by the case will not be granted. The fact that we don't count them is why you get the biggest discount.

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