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Mason Mayo Jelly Jar Sample-  EACH Mason Mayo Jelly Jar Sample- EACH

Mason, Mayo, Jelly, Jam Jar Samples
Offered by the EACH so you can sample these jars.
These are always cheaper by the dozen or more in CASE quantities.  None of these jars come with a lid. Go to STANDARD Mason Lids to order lid samples to fit the Jelly, Mason or Mayo jar which are all Standard 70G450 Mason threads.

4 oz Jelly Jar = $2.00
8 oz Jelly Jar = No Longer Available
8 oz Square Mason Jar = $3.00
12 oz Mayo Jar = $3.00
16 oz Mayo Jar = $3.00
16 oz Square Mason Jar = No Longer Available

Note- SAVE MONEY!!! ORDER BY THE CASE - Click the jar link above to go to the individual jars page where you can order by the case and save money. Candle Soylutions has a very modest $5 minimum. Please see our Shipping Policy Page for more info.

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