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1.25 inch Round CUSTOM PRODUCT Label 1.25 inch Round CUSTOM PRODUCT Label
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1.25" Round CUSTOM PRODUCT Label
The text you see is just an example. This tiny label is completely blank except for the text you enter - good for very small personal care product or sample containers. If you're selling personal care products to the public you will want to list all the ingredients on your label. We may be able to use a specific font for your custom text but typically it's going to be easier to read if it's Arial. We cannot print pictures or logos.

Printing a website address for easy reading- We will typically take a web address like "" and print it larger without the "www." and make it easier to read by capitalizing the first letter of unique words, so your address might look more like "".

Please select the quantity and enter your custom text.  You can also add info to the comment section in the shopping cart or send an email with more detail -go to About/Contact us at the top of any page.  Sorry, we do not accept telephone orders for custom labels, but we will email you with any questions before printing, so be sure to check your junk folder, just in case.

100 = $8.95
500 = $29.00
1000 = $45.50

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