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43mm Twist Lug Lid-Gold Color-CLOSEOUT 43mm Twist Lug Lid-Gold Color-CLOSEOUT
Part No: LIDM43TWE


43mm Twist Lug Lid for 1.25 oz Mini Jam Jar 
These tiny one piece twist (tw) lug lids fit small glass jars like the 1.25oz Mini Jam jar or the 1.5 fluid oz Hex Jar with the same 43mm twist threads and they have the plastisol bead for a good seal when canning. They do NOT fit any jar with continuous thread (CT).

Verify your jar threads are 43mm twist lug prior to ordering as closeout products are not returnable for any reason!

1-11 = $.36 ea
12-143 was $.32 ea Now $0.16 each
144-479 was $.30 ea Now $0.14 each
480+ was $.14 ea Now $0.09 each

About 3,582 left at last update.  If we have less, we'll send you what we have left.  NOTE: PayPal payments are not recommended on this item as you only get 95% of any item or shipping adjustments back.  PayPal no longer refunds the fees they charge us on partial refunds. Just use a card and nothing is charged until we know the correct total!


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