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Part No: WICK83N

HTP-83 Natural Wick - NEW FIBERS
Test in 2.5 to 3.5 inch diameter candles
This wick is a good starting point for testing in our 190ml Hex and the 4 or 8 oz Tapered Jelly jars but you may need to go to a larger wick.
Natural coated, cotton/paper braided
6 inch length, 20mm base

25 pack = $5.75
100 pack = $12.75
1000 pack = $114.00
5000 pack = $499.00

 RETEST NOTICE! This HTP series wick is now made of different bulk fibers and the burn qualities are expected to be somewhat different than the original fibers. We STRONGLY suggest you order small quantities for testing purposes as they are not returnable for any reason. Each NEW FIBERS wick package is labeled accordingly


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