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Wick Stickers w/Side Tabs Wick Stickers w/Side Tabs

Wick Stickers with Side Tabs
Designed with side tabs for quick and easy removal. Use these double sided sticky foam dots to center and hold your wick in containers! No more hot glue burns!

Ensure that your wick base is free of wax dust. Using the side tab peel the paper cover off. Attach your wick base and pull the Sticker dot off at an angle. You can also pre-sticker your wicks by attaching the base to the other side of the sticker and leave the paper cover with the tab on for later.
3/4" diameter (20mm)

Roll of 100 = $3.75
Roll of 1,000 = $28.00
10 Rolls of 1,000 (10,000) = $252.00

Tip! I took the insides of a plain ball point pen out, and use the pen tube to insert the wick, with the sticker on the wick base, into the jar. Hold the jar upside down and visually center the wick base as you press up with the the pen tube holding the wick, base and Sticker assembly.

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