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Mint Mojito Fragrance Oil Mint Mojito Fragrance Oil

Mint Mojito Fragrance Oil
The Mojito is one of Cuba’s oldest cocktails and comes from the African word mojo, which means to place a little spell.  There are several accounts of the origin of this drink, but we all know about the effects that too many of those little spells can have but you can enjoy as much of our Mint Mojito as you like.  The aroma of freshly mulled Mint, refreshing Peppermint and the fresh aromatic tonalities of Eucalyptus scents intertwine with succulent Pineapple notes and juicy Strawberry tones. Sweet nuances, fragrant Jasmine blooms and pure cane Sugar scents blend together to unite, enhance, and complete this refreshing fragrant scent.
Synthetic Carrier
(SKIN SAFE to 1.43% in creams, 4.3% in lotions, soaps & gels)

1 oz = $3.75           1 lb = $22.00
2 oz = 6.25             4 lb = 86.00
1/4 lb = 11.50         7 lb = 143.00
1/2 lb = 15.50         25 lb = 486.00

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