Welcome!   Candle Soylutions is a wholesale distributor of candle making supplies with a very modest $5 minimum. We specialize in soy candle waxes including the P-100 Natural Votive/Pillar/Tart blend, the 100% pure Soy Container Candle Wax and the Millennium Container blend (formerly made for Enchanted Lites (EL). All our fragrance oils have been formulated and tested to perform well in soy wax, many are soy based fragrances and skin safe fragrance oils, dyes and wicks, numerous glass candle jars and containers, votive molds, rustic lids and caps, and just about any candle making supplies that you will need, including starter candle making kits so you can learn how to make candles!
 Learn to make your own soy candles, for fun, for friends and for profit!
 Candle Soylutions soy candle supplies began in 2001 in Muskogee, Oklahoma and now serves you from the West Coast in Eugene Oregon!

Why Do I
Love Soy Wax?
S upports American farmers
Only contains natural ingredients
You'll find soy candles burn longer than paraffin candles
Crude oil dependency decreased
Arenewable and sustainable resource
Not derived from oil refining
Does not give me a headache
Little to no soot
Easy soap and water cleanup

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Candle Making Kits

Fall & Holiday Favorites Fragrances


Newest Fragrances
Pomegranate & Geranium
Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Good Clean Air type
Pumpkin Harvest
Carefree Summer
Sweet Melon Madness
Zest type
Coffee-Fresh Roast
Black Cedarwood & Juniper by Jo Malone type
Wild Mountain Honey
Cozy Sweater by Yankee Type
Grandmas Swingin Eggnog
And many more recent additions

More New Fragrances Coming Soon!

Try a Fragrance Oil Sample Pack of 10 (1 oz ea)
You Choose the 10, Just $25!

Clamshell Tart Mold/Containers
The EASIEST way to get started in the scent business, and You'll Love Our Easy to Separate Molds
Now You'll LOVE Our New LOWER Prices! Buy a few, or buy a case.
Volume purchase as low as $142/case in

Flutter Dyes™ Bulk Pricing available

Daisy Cut Pewter Lids and 8 oz Square Mason Combo
As Featured in Bride's Magazine!!!
Daisy Cut Pewter Lids AND 8 oz, 1/2 pint, Square Mason Jars

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Candle Soylutions is your West Coast and Central U.S. Connection for Enchanted Lites Premium Wholesale Soy Candle Waxes to you in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico or where ever you live in the USA!

The best way to reach Candle Soylutions is by email through our Contact Us page.
Local pickup is available Tuesday-Friday in Eugene Oregon for online orders

We have Instructions on How to make Soy Container Candles and Soy Votive Candles, How to make Scented Soy Drops, How to Calculate Percentages of Wax to Fragrance and Wax to Dye, How to Make Air Fresheners, How to Make Dipped Animals, How to Make Bath and Body Products like Creams, Lotions, Mists, How to complete your wick testing, and more.

If flameless scenting is what you want make your own wax melt tarts using our Clamshell Tart Molds above.

Item Description Detail
Chocolate (EL) Fragrance Oil-CLOSEOUT

Chocolate (EL) Fragrance Oil
Sweet milk chocolate with vanilla and cream
Soy Carrier
(Skin Safe to 5% in creams,lotions,soaps & gels)

1 lb = $20.00
No samples available
Multiple pounds may be packaged in bulk.

Also try our better selling
Chocolate Fudge Cake Fragrance

Buy it while you can!
This fragrance will not be restocked when gone!
Only about 1 lb at Last Update!
If we have less than you order we will send you what we have left and pro-rate the amount. Please visit our POLICIES page for more info.


Escali Digital Pocket Thermometer

Escali Digital Pocket Thermometer DHT1
The Escali Digital Pocket Thermometer makes measuring for food safety fast and easy but we LOVE this little thermo when making test candles or small batches because it sits in a Pyrex measure cup or an 8oz Square Mason Jar perfectly, it's easy to read, and doesn't shut off constantly. The dual switch controls are simple to understand and easy to operate. The clear digital display is cross-mounted for better visibility which reduces misread measurements.

Temperature Range: -40° to 500° F / -40° to 260° C
Probe Length 4.75 inch
Battery: One LR44 (included)
NSF Certified- The manufacturing process of this product is regularly checked and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and meets the highest standards for public health protection.
Anti-roll Design- A flat portion of the display prevents the thermometer from rolling and potentially harmful falls.
Safe Extend Probe Holder- A hole through the end of the protective sheath allows the probe to be held at a safe distance over steaming hot liquids.
Probe Sheath with Pocket Clip- Keep the thermometer close at hand and protect the probe when not in use with a probe sheath constructed using antimicrobial materials.
Target Cooking Temperatures- The protective sheath features target cooking temperatures for beef, lamb, pork, veal, fish, poultry and ground beef. A flat portion of the display prevents the thermometer from rolling and potentially harmful falls.




Stearic Acid by the Pound
Derived from vegetable oil, our Stearic Acid is a white, wax-like flake.

Candles: Use at 2-3%...Helps votive wax to hold more fragrance...you may need to use a larger wick if you use more than 2-3% as stearic will make votive wax harder. If you add this to container wax, it will make the wax harder, but also more likely to crack and frost and more difficult to burn.

Bath & Body:   When added in small quantities to creams and lotions Stearic Acid adds a thickness and texture that is not obtainable with beeswax and borax alone and can add a pearlescent quality to cream.

1-4 lb was $2.95 /lb Now $2.50/lb
5 lb+ was $2.30 /lb Now $1.80/lb

About 15 lb left at last update. If we have less than you order we will send you what we have left. Clearance Items are not returnable for any reason. Please visit our POLICIES page for more info.


63mm Twist Lug Lid - Gold - CLOSEOUT


63mm Gold Twist Lug Lid
These one piece twist (tw) lug lids fit glass jars with twist threads and they have the plastisol bead for a good seal when canning. They do NOT fit Standard or Wide Mouth continuous thread (CT) Mason Jars with screw on threads.

1-11 = $.35 ea
12-143 = $.20 ea
144+ = $.11 ea

About 115 left at last update. If we have less than you order we will send you what we have left. Clearance Items are not returnable for any reason. Please visit our POLICIES page for more info.


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