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Muslin bags are great for wedding favors, sachets, coin and trinket bags and more!

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Muslin Bags

Cotton Muslin Bags
White natural cotton double drawstring Muslin Bags. Used for air fresheners they will hold about 2 ounces of our fragranced Air Freshener Media. They also make great little trinket and coin bags! Bags can vary a little in size, material, color, weave and drawstring length & thickness and twist from shipment to shipment and within an order; see photo. Made in Indonesia
Approximate Size 3 1/4" wide x 5" long

10 pack= $6.00 ($.60 ea)
25 pack= $14.00 ($.56 ea)
50 pack= $21 ($.42 ea)
100 pack= $30 ($.30 ea)
500 pack= $123 ($.246 ea)
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